Finding Inspiration

As I begin my blogging experience, I set out to find a blogger who I could find inspiration from. I stumbled upon and read through Mary Caperton Morton’s (aka The Blonde Coyote’s) adventures. She is a science and travel writer who has degrees in biology and geology. I think that she intends her audience to be anyone who wants to travel or can’t and wants to live through her experiences. She also includes the general public who are looking for a good story to read. It is very simple and thoughtfully organized. She has a stunning portfolio of photos to go along with her posts. She beautifully and truthfully describes the places she has been and her feelings about them. Mary has gone on an unbelievable amount of trips, and she provides a poetic explanation of each. I really like reading through her blog and seeing reviews and thoughts on some of the natural parks close to me. I like that she has do’s and don’ts as well as tips and tricks for traveling. She has an abundance of posts on various topics, but follows the same writing patterns. I really enjoyed seeing her photos of places that I have been to as well. I think that blogging on the topic of nature, and how to enjoy and experience it is helpful to a wide range of people. Others can connect to her experiences, or prepare themselves to go on similar journeys. More or less, I have found this to be inspiring for my own blog writing. I hope to keep such a detailed account of my own trips and experiences.

Here are a few posts I really liked from The Blonde Coyote:


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